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SolidWorks Save As Document Utility Macro. Quick, easy and efficient.

I dont know about you, but every time I get requests to save SolidWorks documents in this format for this department and that format for that company, I think here we go again, because I know what a laborious process it is to do this.

Well with this macro all the hard work is done for you. You can save your SolidWorks files as:

  • eParts
  • eAssemblies
  • eDrawings
  • PDF's
  • DXF's

So whatever the current SolidWorks document is, either a part, assembly or drawing, then you can save that document in different formats.

This macro has been updated and should work with any version of SolidWorks. I have tested it with Solidworks 2017.

So please give it a go!

You can download the macro from the downloads page. But please read on and I will take you through the process.

solidworks save as document utility macro

1. eDocuments

SolidWorks Save As Document Utility eDocs

In this section, you will only be able to save the current document in a corresponding format.

So for instance, if your current document is a drawing then you will only be able to save it as an eDrawing.

Please make sure a check box is ticked if you want to save an eDocument

2. PDF's

SolidWorks Save As Document Utility PDF

In this section, you can save parts or assemblies as individual PDF's. If you current document is a part or assembly then all you need to do is tick the 'Save as PDF' check box and you current document will get saved as a PDF.

When it comes to a drawing document, you have two options. Either 'Output selected sheets to individual PDF's' or 'Output all sheets to one PDF. If you select the first option, this allows you to select the current sheets from the list box. Just select which sheets you want to save. The second option will select all the sheets in the list box. This option will put all the sheets in to one PDF.

Please make sure the 'Save As PDF' check box is ticked if you want to save PDF's

3. DXF's

SolidWorks Save As Document Utility DXF

At the moment, only drawings can be saved as DXF's. I will be updating this to allow parts and assemblies to be saved as DXF's.

Tick the check box to enable the list of current sheets. Select the sheets that you want to save.

Each sheet will be saved individually.

Please make sure the 'Save As DXF' check box is ticked if you want to save DXF's

4. Save the documents

SolidWorks Save As Document Utility Save

In this section, the default saved path is the active document folder. You can change this to any path you like. Once the documents have been saved, you can open the folder to view them.

That's it. Once you are happy with all you selections, then click the save button and all you documents will be saved in the folder you have selected. Enjoy!

If you don't know how to run a macro from within SolidWorks, then watch the video here.

Please feel free leave a comment if you think I have missed anything out. I will be adding more formats in the future, so stay tuned.

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