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Welcome to

I have created this site to test and share programming solutions that I have come up with and will consist of mainly SolidWorks API solutions.

I have been working on SolidWorks API macros for about 5 years now at my place of work and have been building macros ever since.

When I first started playing around with basic SolidWorks macros I found that my coleagues would start to say "can you make it do this" or "can you make it do that" and so i found myself creating more complex macros and any help on the internet was not complete or just not what I was looking for, so I started working on the solutions myself and over the years I have built up a lot of SolidWorks macros which I am starting to publish on this site.

I have not been on any SolidWorks API courses so everything on this site is completely self taught. I like to learn the hard way and I believe you learn better that way. So hopefully there is a solution on this site for someone that needs help with to a problem that they need to overcome.

Now then, on to something a bit different. If you get a bit bored and have had enough of SolidWorks, then check out my new games web page..

I have been busy creating an mobile game called Buzzy Bee which is only available on Android at the moment. Read more...

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my site.

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